What we offer

Overcoming fragmentation
Behind most of the issues facing our customers is the question of how to overcome fragmentation, and how to engage all of those within an organisation more fully to what really matters in the business. The deeper need is to be able to lead the organisation coherently within a whole-organisation approach, and to find a way to empower employees to work together co-creatively, connected to the organisation’s shared purpose. We offer to accompany leaders in guiding their organisations from silo to whole.

We, the co-creative partners and researchers of The Twelve, have over the last decade co-developed a framework that offers a coherent overview of the core parameters that hold everything within the organisation together, and that can lead to optimal performance.  We draw on many years of experience and knowledge of whole-organisation consciousness and development at all levels of a company.  We are known for growing true whole–organisation co-creation, across all sectors, functions and disciplines.

Coaching and co-creating
We coach leaders and their organisations through the introduction of powerful, clear and safe parameters and processes for the development and growth of a whole-organisation connection to core purpose.


To enable the organisations and all of its employees to optimise customers experience through co-creating, producing and delivering optimal products and services for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We help to unlock the organisation’s potential for growth and we support, co-create and accompany its growth in uniqueness towards peak performance. 

The architectures that we have developed are unique in that they are complementary, and they invite the organisation’s clarification of organic growth from the core, inspired by its potential in the future at best. 

We foster whole-organisation co-creation through
•    Coaching (of CEOs, leaders and their teams)
•    Consulting (to organisations on cross-function interdisciplinary co-creation)
•    Training courses (for both leaders and consultants)
•    Presentations (to companies, universities, professional organisations and associations)

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