I just want to tell you how wonderful our EcoSocial meeting was, and how much Core Purpose helped us to understand our core identity. We wrote our purpose on the second day of our meeting, and we are all more than happy with it.
Adma Caeli Garzeri, Instituto EcoSocial, Brazil

The Core Purpose we have prepared for our company is the foundation, the DNA and the compass for all of our business plans, and for all of the communications and products that we provide with our whole company. Our colleagues in the strategic management team are excited, especially after the second time. Working on Core Purpose is a great way to cooperate together unburdened.
Arjan Steevels and Jan Willem des Tombe, Board Members IS Group, The Netherlands

Core Purpose is my turbocharger, and the consultants are very experienced, helpful companions. Working with the Core Purpose framework and process gave me very useful hints for the wellbeing of both myself and my organisation, and enables me to lead my organisation's growth into the future. Core Purpose gives a complete view on strengths and weaknesses and therefore is a good tool to lead a company together with my colleagues in the Vorstand, the managing directors of our group and the members of the Supervisory Board.
Harald Frei, President of the Board at Rummelsberger Dienste für Menschen gemeinnüntzige GmbH, Germany

How is this new way of thinking structured? And where does it come from?
We decided to hire a consulting firm, Adigo, which has connections with a Dutch company The Twelve B.V.. They have a strategic planning process called Core Purpose that is based on twelve points within which you need to frame your company. You begin to imagine how your business will be within each of these positions: what you want the company to become, what the brand will be, and what is essential within the business, and how each point can change within a horizon of 10 to 20 years.

In this model Core Purpose (Stellar®), where has Boticario already exhausted its opportunities and where could it still grow?
O Boticario is growing at very large steps, in average at 23% as experienced in 2007, which means to double the company size in four years, considering that we shall repeat this figure in 2008. You start to look at the market and realise that there are very significant changes going on. There is a new segment of the population entering the consumption market of quality products and the usage of perfumes and cosmetics is increasing. We will occupy an important part of that. We are studying to what degree we should increase the shops density, open new points of sale and change addresses, for some streets are no longer main streets and there are new shopping centers. There will be a natural growth of the sales network.
Miguel Krigsner the president of the Brazilian company O Boticário, the second major cosmetic company in the Southern Hemisphere.