About Us

The Twelve B.V. is a strategic leadership consultancy based in Amsterdam. Our consultants are based in Brazil, Denmark, Germany the Netherlands and the UK.

Our CEO Kathelijne Drenth founded The Twelve in 2006, her co-director is Richard Leachman. Kathelijne’s brother Jaap Drenth is the office manager of The Twelve.

‘Twelve’ because within many cultures throughout history the archetype of twelve has represented the whole. By using the various MECE perspectives of this archetypal framework, a completeness will arise naturally out of diversity. We work with the lived uniqueness of the whole company, with the coherent creation and delivery of unique customer experience within every action.

The Twelve consults with organisations from SMEs to multinationals, and our work starts principally at Board level. We work with leaders and senior executives, we give workshops, and we train executives, non-executives, supervisory boards and senior consultants.

We work closely with our client-organisations, facilitating them towards becoming all that they are capable of becoming as whole-organisations connected to unique purpose, with everyone working for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our co-creative partners are: