The outcomes

Enhance growth and development
The Twelve B.V. accompanies client-companies as they become all that they can uniquely become.  We enhance their growth and development by supporting them to consciously live their strategic purpose with clarity, coherence, focus and discipline.  The whole company comes to know, carry and express its differentiated uniqueness, ‘from root to fruit’, with every action contributing to the creation and delivery of optimal customer experience. United by a potent vision and inspirational leadership, work becomes exciting, engaging and successful.

We achieve this by coaching questions, processes and practices that stimulate, empower and grow whole-organisation co-creation around strategic purpose, throughout all levels of the company, and unlock its potential for growth.

The outcomes are
•    Optimised customer experience
•    Leaders, employees and stakeholders cohering around core organisational purpose
•    Vision and Mission are connected to purpose and become attractive
•    Connected to purpose self-management and co-creation resolving fragmentation
•    Every action contributing to the creation of unique experiential value
•    Exponential growth to peak performance
•    More successful adjacencies and acquisitions cohering with purpose