connecting to purpose course

Connecting to Purpose
A course in Core Purpose Leadership

Amsterdam, June 22 & 23 - 2017

Connecting to Purpose
The course in Core Purpose Leadership - Connecting to Purpose is for leaders who want to unlock their organisation’s unique potential for growth, and to fully engage all of their employees and stakeholders with the organisation’s strategic purpose. It is for leaders who want to enable every single person in their organisation to live the organisation’s uniqueness in everything they do, deliver and produce, and for them to actively and knowingly converge with all of the organisation’s other employees, teams, departments and suppliers to collectively perform at peak. This requires conscious leadership and a constructive building of cross-functional bonds, breaking down silo-thinking by saturating the organisation with purpose. The question is how to do this?

We will introduce you to the twelve core principles of strategic purpose, which will empower you in the complex world we are living in, and enable you to lead whole-organisationally. These core principles are MECE – mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive – that is, they are all different but together they embrace everything that is possible. They have been proven to support and facilitate potent growth within many organisations around the world, large and small, co-creating optimal value for the benefit of all stakeholders.


The aim of Connecting to Purpose
The aim of the Core Purpose Leadership course is to empower you through developing a practical understanding of how an organisation can be led from within its twelve core principles, connecting all stakeholders to purpose and co-creating unique value optimally and sustainably. Core Purpose Leadership inspires coherent development and growth, and the co-creation of unique meaning and value throughout the organisation ‘from root to fruit’.

You will experience your own business case within a core purpose perspective, and discover how fragmentation might be made whole, and how the organisation’s potential for growth can be unlocked. You will learn how to approach the issues of whole-organisation co-creation, and how to organise the conditions required for success. The presentation of our own successful business cases (with the permission of our clients) will be part of the course.


Our work focuses on the convergence of an organisation's people and actions
with the core principles of its strategic purpose
strategic purpose is the delivery of unique customer experience for the optimal benefit of all stakeholders
core principles are those unique value-creation capabilities that best feed, support
and enact strategic purpose, leading to optimal performance
convergence is when many parts come together around a co-created set of
principles, leading to a shared understanding and lived consciousness of one
strategic purpose for the whole
We connect everyone to purpose



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The investment for the course is € 2.500 including preparatory interview, workshop material and aftercare and including cost for lunches, excluding cost for dinner and staying overnight in a hotel in Amsterdam.